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Network Technology Innovations provides many of the IT solutions you need!


Network Switching and Routing

With the growing need of technology in the workplace, the demand for bandwith and low latency solutions are more demanding than ever. We can provide you with the Core and Edge equipment you need to get your network up to date and up to speed!


With faster equipment, demands faster wiring. Your old Cat5 and Cat5e will no longer take care of your needs when you venture into 802.11AC wireless . We can provides all types of Category Cabling to suit your application.


Nettech Innovations provides the latest security models to operate your business. With the latest threats of viruses, malware, spyware and trojans, your company needs to stay protected. With the implementation of firewalls, Layer 4 packet filters, and Web Proxy's, we can help mitigate your risks.

Managed Services

Our managed services can include anything from VOIP, Network, Wireless, Endpoint, ect. We can monitor your network and make changes as they need to happen. You just simply put in a service ticket,  and it will be done!

Voice over IP

NTI can implement a VoIP solution to make you business operate smoothly. Get rid of your old digital antiquated system that only hinder your collaboration. We newer systems, you sales staff can recieve their voicemails when on the road, allowing them to stay on top of their client and overall increase business!


If you are a technology engineer or architecht in need of network designs or consulting, we can provide those services.

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